Pankeks formed in the beginning of Warlords of Draenor by old friends who wanted to raid together. We started this guild with the goal of becoming the best Alliance guild on US Connected-Magtheridon while having a raid schedule that fits with our lifestyles. Most of our members, core, and officers have real life obligations that limit playtime, however, we all still have that little bit of tryhard in us that steers us towards high-end progression. Establishing the right balance between these conflicting interests has always been crucial in our development as a guild and encourages us to maximize our time spent in the game.

Our raid team started late in Highmaul and were concurrently behind going into Blackrock Foundry yet persevered to take the top spot by the end of BRF progression. When Hellfire Citadel was released we started off strong and eventually cleared mythic in a reasonable time frame. Since the start of Legion we have encountered a few setbacks and have fell behind on progression but still strive to perform at the highest level we can achieve. Today we are going strong in progression and are looking to conquer the Nighthold and beyond!

If you would like to become a part of our raid team then we would be more than happy to review your application and see if you are a good fit.

On December 6, we killed both Mythic Cenarius and Mythic Xavius! On to Trial of Valor!

To start off the holiday season, on November 22nd, we killed Mythic Ilgynoth!

November 9th, we killed Mythic Dragons!

October 26, we killed Mythic Ursoc!

October 19th, we killed Mythic Elerethe Renferal!

October 5th, we killed Mythic Nythendra! Click here to see our kill video.


Death Knight blood frost unholy
Demon Hunter vengeance havoc
Druid guardian balance feral restoration
Hunter survival beast mastery marksmanship
Mage frost arcane fire
Monk brewmaster windwalker mistweaver
Paladin protection retribution holy
Priest shadow discipline holy
Rogue outlaw assassination subtlety
Shaman elemental enhancement restoration
Warlock affliction destruction demonology
Warrior protection arms fury

These are only our high recruitment needs, to see our full recruitment needs see our recruitment page.

Emerald NightmareHeroicMythic
Elerenthe RenferalKilledKilled
Dragons Of NightmareKilledKilled
Trial Of ValorHeroicMythic
Chronomatic AnomalyAliveAlive
Spellblade AlurielAliveAlive
High Botanist Tel'arnAliveAlive
Star Augur EtraeusAliveAlive
Grand Magistrix ElisandeAliveAlive